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With the release of the seventh Saw film, Saw 3D, I felt nostalgic and decided to pull out copies of the previous six films in the franchise and make an all-nighter of it. So, with my fifth of Scotch, beer chaser, popcorn, and 42-inch plasma, I sequestered myself for an all night horror fest.

Well, to my surprise, I made it up to the third Saw film and stopped. I decided to take some advice from Shakespeare (damn, I actually retained something from high school English) and interrupt my regular viewing with some comic relief. But I didn’t want to stray too far from the gory path I was traveling. Seeing Mpho Koaho in the rack twister death scene made viewing the 40 Year Old Virgin or The Hangover a bit too much of a stretch.

Seeing that the Evil Dead trilogy and Black Sheep (another favorite) have seen the inside of my DVD player recently, and that I was in the mood for something a bit more recent, I decided to delve into something foreign. If you can’t buy American then go Japanese I always say.

Noboru Iguchi

Noboru Iguchi

Noboru Iguchi, along with cohorts Yoshihiro Nishimura and Tak Sakaguchi, have created a series of black comedies full of cheese and gore to delight the sick fantasies of any 13-year-old adolescent trapped inside a man’s body.

Films such as Tokyo Gore Police, Mutant Girls Squad, Samurai Zombie, and The Machine Girl, to name a few, are a pleasant distraction from the seriousness of the Saws of the world.

This night The Machine Girl was the film of choice. Starring Asami, the sexy 26-year-old adult video star (Iguchi himself comes from the AV industry) as Miki, the high school firebrand who mixes it up with the local Yakuza after her brother was murdered by the Don’s son.

Machine Girl

Machine Girl

She is captured and tortured but escapes after losing her left forearm. Joining forces with the parents of her brother’s best friend (who also was killed), Miki exacts her revenge with the help of a custom-built machine gun attached to her stump.

The Machine Girl is full of blood and guts, bad acting, humor, and violence, which will turn off the upper crust of the film viewing world like Baby Duck does a wine connoisseur. But who the fuck cares, this shit isn’t for them anyway.

Try out the aforementioned films and have a bloody enjoyable time, I’m back to Saw IV.


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