Joey Jordison: Drum Gods

Joey Jordison Drumming

Credit: Ronn Dunnett

In our opinion here at Yell! Magazine, drummers do not get the recognition they deserve. Everyone knows about all the great singers and guitarists in the rock world, but you rarely hear about the guys pounding the skins at the back of the stage — and they are the great unknown musicians. What would a band do without the drum gods to lay the foundation of their music? They’d be lost.

Joey JordisonWe will try to correct this injustice by featuring a series of articles on the drummers we believe are deserving of high praise. These are the drum gods who young drummers find inspiration in and aspire to be. These are the guys that can take over a stage and make fans go nuts. These are Yell! Magazine’s drum gods.

Joey Jordison

  • He remixed “Fight Song” for Marilyn Manson.
  • He is featured in Manson’s “Tainted Love” video.
  • He is a founding member of Murderdolls.
  • He filled in for Lars Ulrich in a 2004 Download Festival concert date for Metallica.
  • He filled in for Frost on Satyricon’s American tour in December 2004.
  • He drummed for Ministry on their tour for the Rio Grande Blood album.
  • He drummed for Ministry in 2006 for the MasterBaTour.
  • He and his Slipknot bandmates won a Grammy in 2006.
  • He, as a member of a band, has been nominated for six Grammys.

Joey Jordison Drum Set

How better to start off this series than with the drummer of a band that takes the art to the extreme. Slipknot has drums up the yin-yang and Joey Jordison leads this motley crew of masked percussionists.

Jordison has been drumming since he was three years old. Arguably the greatest speed drummer in metal history, Jordison burns calories like no other when playing live on a Slipknot concert tour. Not only does he hit the skins like few others, he also plays lead guitar in Murderdolls and is an amateur artist (he drew the symbols for Slipknot’s logos).

Joey Jordison Disasterpiece Live

Joey Jordison 360 Drum Solo

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