First look inside “The Thing” prequel

Have you ever wondered about to the man with the slit throat discovered by MacReady (Kurt Russell) at the crash site of where the Norwegians found the alien ship? What about the mysterious scientist trying to kill the dog from the helicopter? Could it have been Sam Carter (Joel Edgerton)? We don’t know yet but from what the producers have said about director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. “When it came to being anything that was referenced in that movie, we have absolutely stayed with it. Thousands of hours he’s spent looking at that movie. He knows and is respectful of every aspect.”. Fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing could very well be satisfied with the prequel which is planned to be released April 29, 2011. Clearly from the pictures released recently some similarities are quite obvious and we’re looking forward to one of the most anticipated prequels.


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