Black Sabbath – Never Say Die!

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Except for Technical Ecstasy, this is Sabbath’s worse album. Made at a time when the band was more influenced by drugs than the muse, the album suffers the further it plays. Ozzy had left the band over artistic differences only to return and do this album and leave for good until the ’98 reunion.

The album is unfocused. Adding Jazz influences and average straight forward rock fodder embarrassed the band even more than the crap that Technical Ecstasy was two years earlier.

Although the album crashed, it is still Black Sabbath, and “Never Say Die” and “Johnny Blade” are two examples that remind us that, even at their worse, the band still can kick ass.

With Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die!, Sabbath proved that drugs and egos can destroy even the greatest of bands.

Black Sabbath - Never Say Die!

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Black Sabbath
Never Say Die!
Year Released:
Oct 1978
Warner Bros.
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Black Sabbath

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