Yes, Sniff The Coffin Dust And New Track, “Gore Ensemble”



Time to break into a mausoleum and sniff some Coffin Dust… OK, not literally, but it is time to check out Philly-based death/thrash metal outfit Coffin Dust and their new shredder, “Gore Ensemble,” over at EarsplitCompound. It might also be time to invent a new drinking game: have a friend count how many time your head bangs, and then proceed to take a swig of whatever your poison is for each. By the end of the seven-plus minute track, you should be sound asleep.

The track lives on the upcoming May release of the band’s new album, Everything Is Dead. Pre-orders will be announced soon.

Coffin Dust will spread their filth live on the upcoming dates with additional infiltrations to be announced soon.

Coffin Dust Live Dates:

3/26 – 27/2016 Blood Of The Wolf Fest – Lexington, KY
4/2/2016 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA w/ Lord Almighty, Castle Freak, Fisthammer
9/15-18/2016 Shadow Woods Metal Fest — White Hall, MD

About Coffin Dust:

Coffin Dust was forged in in 2008, with founding members Slime (ex-Exhumed) and drummer Danny Disgustor conjuring a concept of death thrash with injections of other influences. By late 2010, the band’s first recorded release would come in the form of a crushing split with fellow Philly miscreants, Cape Of Bats, titled Unimaginable Horror (Grim Winds). Over the next few years, Coffin Dust released three EPs, and finally unleashed their long-awaited debut full-length, This Cemetery, My Kingdom, in 2014, via Unholy Anarchy Records.

Trudging through a plethora of lineup changes and hardships, Coffin Dust has emerged out of the depths of The City Of Brotherly Love once again with their finest work to date in Everything Is Dead. Expect haunting and viscous sounds that will leave you trapped in your worst nightmares!

Rock Hard \m/

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