Ghoul “Shred The Dead”

ghoul 2016 promo

The horror-themed thrash metal outfit known as Ghoul recently released a new track from their impending album, Dungeon Bastards. Head on over to their Bandcamp page to get bludgeoned by “Shred the Dead.”

In the course of the track, vocalist Baron Samedi’s commands to retrieve the Omicron Bomb fall on deaf ears, as Ghoul retreats deeper into the Catacombs muttering half-hearted assurances, that is, until Samedi unleashes an army of revivified corpses to persuade them otherwise.

Elaborates guitarist Digestor:

‘Shred the Dead’ is a song about undead fiends, eldritch, mysterious skateboard tricks, and the efficacy of the prevent defense. If Mr. Mustaine is reading this, I’m sure our lawyers can work something out. You seem like a reasonable man.

ghoul 2016 promo

Rock Hard \m/

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