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What’s Up With Star Wars: 1313, Will It Launch This Year?

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Star Wars: 1313Nowadays it’s pretty hard to keep a secret going for too long because someone from somewhere will manage to fuck it up somehow. I can’t say for sure that this was the case for the new Star Wars game, but the details I’m about to reveal still prove that secrets can’t be kept hidden, especially in the video game industry.

A report recently surfaced on Star Wars: 1313 that authenticates a launch time for the upcoming game, which has been developed and published by Lucas Arts. According to a Facebook post from Sony PlayStation DE (Germany), the release date for Star Wars: 1313 is officially slated for this year on the PS3. Along with the German post came this message, translated to English for your convenience, of course: “Star Wars 1313 appears 2013 for PlayStation 3.” The post also included a set of brand new images from the game.

*UPDATE: Facebook post has been removed.

“Since we are gamers, we hope of course for a release of the game on one of our PlayStation platforms, and wanted to emphasize that with pictures. So sorry again for the excitement!”

LucasArts also followed up with Kotaku. “[That] was an inaccurate post. We have not confirmed any platforms yet for 1313 and do not have any announcements to make at this time.”

If this fact is true, then fans of the franchise, which now belongs to Walt Disney, can look forward to this solid third-person action adventure that is based on the Unreal engine and features full-body performance captures.

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