The Plot In You Debut “Premeditated” [VIDEO]

Any video that begins with a disclaimer that states “The following video contains violence…” is something that we’re going to get excited about. And “Premeditated” comes with violence, bloody violence. It’s a torture type of violence that starts out with body parts being hacked up and tossed into a bucket. Then we get a man, lead singer Landon Tewers, strapped in a chair with a towel over his head (no waterboarding in this video, sorry), waiting to have extreme pain inflicted upon him. Fingers being cut off with dirty instruments, torso cutting, scalps being hacked into, etc. Yeah, it’s a bloody mess.

The song is about getting revenge on a rapist, which is something we can get behind. I mean, we would all (hopefully) feel inclined to exact revenge on a perpetrator if they harmed one of our loved ones. Whether we would act on our feelings or not is an entirely different topic.

The Plot In You

Good on The Plot In You for bringing this to everyone’s attention. So, I have to ask you, Yellers, is physically harming someone for the purposes of revenge ever justified? Leave your comments below.

Rock Hard \m/

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