Watch Rise Of The Tomb Raider – “Make Your Mark” Launch Trailer [VIDEO]

Lara Croft’s journey begins on November 10, 2015 exclusively on Xbox One. Ahead of it’s highly anticipated release, Microsoft has released the games epic launch trailer featuring an emotional song by Academy Award nominee Karen O, “I Shall Rise.”

O said in a statement,

They wanted an emotional song that captures the intensity of the moment Lara Croft transforms into the Tomb Raider, the theme of a young woman becoming an icon. I was very intrigued by the challenge and I guess I was amidst a significant transformation of my own being pregnant at the time I wrote it. Now that I have a brought a life into the world I have no trouble relating to a character like Lara’s who pushes past her own limits to prevail under extreme circumstances.

Rise of the Tomb Raider hits Xbox One first, but the PC and PlayStation 4 version will launch in 2016.

Enjoy the trailer!

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