Three Thirteen Deliver “Brain Damage (Undead)” Just In Time For Halloween

All right, metalheads! If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, Three Thirteen has delivered a new track to put into your playlist — and we’re damn sure it will quickly become a crowd favorite. There’s just no way anyone can resist the infectious sing-along quality as Randy Weitzel (In This Moment, Blackfall) chants “Brain Damage (Undead!).”

It also doesn’t hurt that the Matt Zane-directed video is 100% badass. You can’t deny the awesomeness of bringing back an ‘80s movie theme of heavy metal having the ability to possess the listener, or the fact that KISS iconography appears everywhere.

Go ahead and unleash your inner horror beast and heavy metal maniac, turn the dial up to 11, and rock out with the new video from Three Thirteen. “Brain Damage (Undead)” will be available on the band’s upcoming album Dawn of the Shred, which can be pre-ordered here.


Says Weitzel:

Two things that shaped and influenced my style beginning when I was younger were thrash metal and horror movies from the eighties. For the ‘Brain Damage’ video, I wanted to capture the humor and campy vibe of movies like Return of the Living Dead and Evil Dead 2. I came up with the concept to complement the music, and Matt took my ideas, ran with them, and made it all happen with ease. The album Dawn of the Shred is influenced by my favorite Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax albums. Early thrash was melodic, especially vocally, and I wanted to do something that pays tribute to that era – catchy vocal melody hooks, shredding guitars and songs about zombies and aliens.

Rounding out Three Thirteen is guitarist Steve Marshall (Blackfall), bassist Elaina Bangma (Blackfall), and drummer Jimmy Schultz (Sunflower Dead).

Rock Hard \m/

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