Stream Culture Killers New Album In Advance Of Its Release!


A little more than a week ago we brought you “Path of Reflection” from Culture Killer‘s forthcoming album, Throes of Mankind. Now you can stream the album in its entirety at before its November 27th release. It’s tough as nails and heavy as a Sherman tank, so you better listen with caution… we won’t be held responsible for your spiking testosterone levels.

Pre-order Throes of Mankind here.

Aside from kickass metalic hardcore, what else is Culture Killer about? Here’s what the band has issued as their purpose:

The band’s purpose is to bring attention to the harsh realities that some people choose to disregard, whether it be misinformation or ignorance . The presence of these injustices and inequalities have always existed, but we believe they need to be brought to the forefront of discussion and ultimately changed. These topics include, but are not limited to, cultural decline, racism, child predators, domestic violence, drug & alcohol abuse, and the impact of war on the human mind. The evils of the world and the lack of compassion between human beings and their own kind. We hope that listeners leave with a firm understanding on how we feel about these subjects and join us in keeping them unveiled and visible.

Rock Hard \m/

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