Turncoat Needs Something To Believe In, Releases “American Dream”

I get it. A Detroit-based hardcore act named Turncoat kind of pigeonholes itself into writing lyrics about disenfranchisement, social injustices, and political unfairness… among other topics that affect our lives. It’s not like they’re going to sing about California Dreamin’, peace, love, and happiness. And so is the recently released track “American Dream,” from the band’s craftily titled 2016 Eulogy Recordings EP, Self-Titled.

Great! I can get behind that mission statement, but I’m certainly not going to trample on the memory of our forefathers who fought for this land nor on those who continue the fight to this day. So, to paraphrase glam metal band Poison, when you feel like bitchin’ about getting old, think of those who never got the chance.

The American Dream you sing of, maybe it’s not about getting rich or finding fame, or anything else so shallow. Maybe it’s about raising a family in a country without fear of being persecuted for your beliefs. Maybe it’s about living without the fear of being shot by your government. Maybe it’s about keeping most of what you earn and not being taxed out the ass. Maybe it’s about be able to start a band and using it as a platform to express your discontent.

Guitarist Keith Keister commented on the music and the video:

‘American Dream’ is groovy, fast paced, straight forward example of exactly what we’re trying to convey as a band. Off our Eulogy Records debut EP, it’s definitely one of my favorites live and on the recording. This video gives a simple ‘90s-ish home video vibe and showcases some of the places we drive by, live near or see in our everyday life in Michigan and shows us in a very raw and back-to-basics perspective.

You can purchase Turncoat’s Self-Titled EP here.

About Turncoat:


Since their debut in late 2014, Turncoat has worked hard to make a name all their own. Taking influence from ‘80s hardcore punk with a mix of thrash, Turncoat has set a pace of searing guitar style, pounding drums, and unforgettable vocals. All the while remaining true to the solid foundation that hardcore was built upon. Bringing to light personal and everyday struggles in a way that is impossible to ignore.

Following the release of their debut single “Growing Up,” Turncoat has wasted no time hitting the road. Touring most of the United States in their first year. With no peak to their potential, Turncoat has been relentlessly pushing to reach every corner of the hardcore community. Telling it like it is to anyone who will listen. As the band prepares to release their Self-Titled EP, they continue to remain on the road hitting new grounds and tearing down barriers.

Rock Hard \m/

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