Is Shark Exorcist The Worst Shark Movie Ever? [TRAILER]

Here’s an idea that had to look better on paper than the final product. The poster also looks better than the final product.

Obviously, shark movies are cool, and so are exorcism movies. So why wouldn’t a combination of the two be awesome? Perhaps it is, but judging from the Shark Exorcist trailer, this just isn’t working for the Donald Farmer (Demon Queen, Cannibal Hookers, Dorm of the Dead) movie.

I won’t get into the laundry list of things that are wrong with it, as I’m sure you can watch the trailer and figure those things out for yourself. I will, however, say that there’s a huge difference between making an awesome bad movie and making a really bad movie.


Shark Exorcist Synopsis:

A demonic nun summons Satan to the small fishing village of Paris Landing, where he takes over the bodies of a great white shark and a young woman. A chain reaction of evil grips the tiny community as shredded bodies wash ashore. A Catholic priest arrives, and he must fight both teeth and temptation on land and sea in order to send these man-killers back to Hell before the tide comes in for good!

Shark Exorcist will rise from the deep on DVD and Digital HD this June.

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