Resurgence Prepares For Their Furious Debut, Besieged


After 10 years since formation, Vancouver, Canada’s heavy metal unit, Resurgence, is about to release their debut album on August 1st, and it’s explosively heavy. Having listened to an advance copy of Besieged, I can confidently say that their sound combines the best elements of thrash metal and death metal, however, I wouldn’t quite call it melodic death. Vocally speaking, you won’t be drawn and quartered for making comparisons to Randy Blythe of Lamb of God.

So far, the only glimpse to the sound of Resurgence’s new album is the guitar playthrough for “In the Mirror,” which you can take in on this page. Honestly, however, I don’t think this track, with the vocals removed, shows the band at their best on this album; you would do well to imagine them even better, more powerful, more rageful, more aggressive, more furious, etc., because that’s what they are.

Members of the band include Parker Lane (from The Mountain Man), Ron Holloway, Bryan Gobbi, Alex Gain, and Fabian Popovici.

Additionally, Resurgence will be on tour with Entombed this fall.

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