Poor Agnes Makes Its World Premiere At Fantasia 2017

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I predict that if you liked Dexter, you’re going to like writer J. Gordon Ross and director Navin Ramaswaran’s Poor Agnes. The film makes its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Quebec, on July 19th.

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Poor Agnes tells the story of Agnes Poelzl (Lora Burke), a vicious psychopath. She lives in a state of dreamy contemplation, her powerful mind twisted by insanity. Her talent, discipline, and willpower are impressive, but her lack of empathy has led her down a path of violence and murder.

Mike Mercer (Robert Notman) is a private investigator researching a cold case. His investigation leads him to Agnes. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Once Agnes has him where she wants him, she captures Mike, keeping him locked in her basement. She then begins a regimen of brutal psychological torture meant to brainwash him into a state of total compliance. It is unclear whether he can survive.

Chris Thomas is a computer technician who finds himself dating Agnes. He gets the sense that something is off with her, but he can’t imagine the world that he’s entering. She is surprisingly tender with him, until she grows bored. And then Chris is dragged into her nightmare as well.

Agnes, Mike, and Chris form a bizarre family, Agnes lording over her captives with regal authority. No matter how grim things become, they always manage to get worse. Agnes finds it increasingly difficult to avoid the police as her crimes escalate. Mike struggles to keep his soul as Agnes’ lifestyle creeps into his head, while Chris is just trying to stay alive.

Poor Agnes was shot on 4k digital in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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