[PICS] Yell This! Jason Voorhees Is Everywhere, Including On Your Pillow

There was enough Jason Voorhees in the last two weeks that my childhood nightmares are now back again. Damn you Voorhees and your machete!

David Bruckner was selected to direct a new Friday the 13th reboot, and a TV series was also announced, which means will be hearing and seeing much more of Voorhees in the coming years. I guess that’s a bad thing for me and my good ol’ nightmares. To make matters worse, Horror Decor just unveiled two limited edition Voorhees pillows. That’s right! The thing that is suppose to give you head comfort is now a bloody threat to your own life. I suggest you start protecting yourself at night, if you don’t want your throat slashed or anything.

Anyhow, if you’re not too worried about death, then both pillows below are now available to purchase for $50 each, but ONLY until May 2nd because they’re handmade and limited.

So act quick!

Jason Pillow


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