Francis Ngannou Still Disappointed For Not Fighting At UFC 215

Francis Ngannou

UFC 215 is now in the books, but there’s still one fighter who looks back and thinks about what could have been in the main event.

Initially, Francis Ngannou was booked to fight Junior dos Santos at UFC 215, however, the Brazilian was flagged for a USADA violation on Aug. 18, forcing the UFC to cancel the bout entirely. A few days ahead of the event in Edmonton, Alberta, Ngannou still feels “disappointed” for not appear on the card in the biggest fight of his career to date.

On The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Ngannou said,

I feel so bad because I was waiting for that fight and even yesterday, I just think about how the next event was 215 and how my moment was coming. I feel like I missed this one, I’m still disappointed. It’s not easy to be prepared for a fight for three months and then it doesn’t happen. Some fighters are used to this situation, but when you’ve never had it, you don’t know how difficult it is and basically you’re waiting more for the fight because this was supposed to be some big fight for me that could push me up.

In addition, the French-Cameroonian mixed martial also expressed his thoughts on whether or not he believes dos Santos is guilty for taking performance enhancing drug for the 240-pound fight.

Ngannou added,

I cannot say yes I believe it, but I cannot judge him. This is a situation that can happen to everyone because (the supplement suppliers) are going to give you a little check or whatever, like $1000, $2000, and they give them products, they just took it and don’t check it. Sometimes, they even go (find it themselves), they really don’t check, so this can happen to everyone. But I could not say Junior is guilty or innocent.

At the moment, Ngannou is waiting for a new opponent to be presented by the UFC. Hopefully we will see him return inside the Octagon sooner than later.

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