Newsted’s Swagger-As-Shit Video For “As The Crow Flies”

If anyone still has any doubt about Jason Newsted’s solo act, they can shove it. The track “…As the Crow Flies” proves that what Newsted is doing is far superior to anything Metallica has done in the last, what, 15, 20 years! If you don’t believe me, play the video above and take it all in, the music, the video, the passion, the swagger.

True enough that Newsted isn’t playing thrash metal as Metallica did when he joined them, but it is similar to what they played in the late ’90s early ’00s, only it’s less watered down and radio friendly. What it is is powerful with a low-end that really packs a punch. In particular, “…As the Crow Flies” carries so much swagger that you’ll feel tougher for just listening. It’s no wonder Newsted walks around like king shit in the video, and the man fucking deserves to feel that way given the shit hand he was dealt. I think he’s getting the last laugh though: he might not sell as many albums or concert tickets, but at least he has credibility.

I owe you guys a review of Newsted’s album, This Is Metal.

We’ve seen Newsted in concert, and he is one appreciative dude for being where he is today and he doesn’t forget who put him there — you, the motherfucking fans. That might be why his swagger in the “…As the Crow Flies” video doesn’t come off as cocky (ahem, Lars), but just badass.

Rock Hard \m/

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