Insatia Drop “Memory Of A Sapphire”

Just a day before the June 23rd release of their sophomore album, Phoenix Aflame, American/Canadian power metal outfit, Insatia, dropped the new video for their track “Memory of a Sapphire.” The track features former Arch Enemy guitarist Chris Amott.

Phoenix Aflame is available to order here.

Vocalist Zoë Federoff commented on the new track:

‘Memory of a Sapphire’ quickly became a favorite for us in the studio; it’s poppy and melody-oriented, which makes it a lot of fun to play live. Spotlighting Mr. Chris Amott’s guitar artistry on it adds a whole new level of zing, and as it really represents our sound most completely, it all seemed very natural to make it the first music video for the album.

Rock Hard \m/

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