Metallica – Wanna Bet They’re Broke?

Metallica - new album

Yes, Metallica will be performing at the 2014 Grammy’s, a move that will put them on the general public’s radar again. Outside of heavy metal circles, most people probably haven’t paid much attention to the likes of the Big 4 shows, their Antarctic stunt, or their latest film, Metallica Through the Never. And after dropping $18M on that film, Metallica has to earn some scratch, I’m sure.

Yes, I boldly say that that project put a big dent in their bank accounts. That’s why, in the recent interview with Metal Hammer, Lars is saying that what Metallica needs to do now is make another album. Of course he says this just after saying that they aren’t planning an arena tour at the moment… duh, obviously you should put out an album first.

Basically, expect a new Metallica album by early 2015 (I’m guessing), followed by a tour.

Also, Metallica is going to turn professional soon. Yeah, that’s how Lars starts off this interview. Dumb ass.

Rock Hard \m/

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