Black Swan Theory’s Self-Shot Video “My Way” Is Awesome

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, is Black Swan Theory, and they’re being touted as a heavy pop band. Now, the pop elements are obvious, but if this is now considered pop, the future just got so bright that I gotta wear my shades.

The band has just released the self-shot video for “My Way,” and for a self-made video it’s incredibly impressive. From the Hello Kitty drum kit, to the acoustic guitar filling in for electric to the rubber rafts and to Daphné Elty super hot bathing suite, this video is pretty damn exciting to watch.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the “My Way” track itself is insanely infectious? It’s full of energy that might just have you bouncing off the fucking walls.

Catch Black Swan Theory Live:

07/08 @ Piranha Bar Montreal, Quebec
08/13 @ Rock Fest pour la santé mentale L’épiphanie, Canada
08/19 @ Parlee Beach Music Festival Beaubassin East, Canada

Rock Hard \m/

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