Heat Of Damage Annihilate The Breakup On “Judgment Day” [VIDEO]

OK, Heat of Damage has recently released the first single and video from their debut album, Open Fire, and it’s a real rocker, not to mention a great breakup song. “Judgment Day” is full of classic riffing, dueling guitars, and lots of blast beats from the kick, and the vocals are superb. Things, for me, get a little lost at the start of the guitar solo, and the dueling guitars are mediocre at best, but it’s still a hard driving song. It’s also worth noting, however unintentional it probably was, that “Judgment Day” sounds a hell of a lot like Annihilator’s “King of the Kill.” Despite the similarities, you should check out “Judgment Day” in the player above.

Open Fire can be ordered here.

Bandmate David Haug commented on “Judgment Day”:

‘Judgment Day’ was written to be a powerful ‘Fuck You’ song, plain and simple. The lyrics are written from the perspective of someone who has been wronged, whose response is to be the better person. My contributions to the writing process come from my own experiences of essentially the exact same thing; being wronged and priding myself on being a better person than those who would treat me poorly. The musicality aspect of the song is very heavy, like ’80s era heavy metal sounding (interestingly enough, we called the riff ‘‘80s metal’ before the song became ‘Judgment Day’). The harmonized guitar solo was thrown in because I am very influenced by the guitar stylings of Iron Maiden, and love the way harmonized guitar sounds.

Nick Lasalette also weighted in:

The song started out as just a simple guitar riff that I came up with. As soon as I played it at a rehearsal one day, Julian started pounding away on his drums and the sound of the song started to take form. From the beginning I knew this song was going to be something special, and I was not wrong. We decided to make it the first official single from the album because it strongly represents exactly what Heat of Damage is, and what this album will sound like as a whole. Personally, I think it’s the best song we have ever written.

Rock Hard \m/

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