God Of War Writer Says Kratos Will Be Challenging To Bring To The Big-Screen

God of War Movie

Although God of War series writer Marianne Krawczyk isn’t attached to pen the Hollywood film adaptation, we previously reported that horror duo Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are paired for the duty. However, Krawczyk recently touched on the film during PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington, speciffically talking about the challenges bringing Kratos to the big-screen.

Krawczyk explained from past and personal experiences that the adaptation could completely throw fans off. Since the film version of Kratos is going to have a different voice with more words, and embodied by a different actor. Therefore, fans of the series could be turned off by the film.

And I think, if [Kratos] ever makes it to the big-screen, there will be that similar dissonance. The player has a personal experience with him, and then he’s going to be embodied by a different actor, he’s going to have a different voice, he’s going to say a lot more words.

She added,

So I think it will be hard to get that across. But I hope they will someday. We don’t know.

The God of War film is being produced by Universal Studios, which will have a different approach than that taken by similar films already released, such as The Clash of the Titans and Immortals. No official details yet on the status of film.

Source: GameSpot

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