E3 2016: Watch The Reveal Trailer For Death Stranding Starring Norman Reedus

Besides appearing in The Walking Dead TV series and his new show Riding with Norman, the American actor will now star in an upcoming horror video game, Death Stranding.

The E3 2016 reveal trailer doesn’t tell you much, but sensing from the title of the game and the fact it’s another collaboration between Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima, it’s going to be potentially horror sci-fi with some survival elements. But don’t expect another zombie apocalypse here, as the setting takes place on something kind of deserted island.

Initially, del Toro and Norman were supposed to collaborate on the next Silent Hill, but that project never came to fruition. To be honest, this looks just as intriguing, if not more since we don’t exactly know what it will be.

So check out the cinematic trailer Death Stranding and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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