Diamond MMA Compression Jock: A Solution To The Groin Kick?

You might have heard Joe Rogan mentioning Diamond MMA in his broadcasts at UFC events recently. It’s usually after he witnesses an errant kick to a fighter’s groin while attempting an inside leg kick. One of the reasons Diamond MMA founder Craig Diamond started his company back in 2007 was to address the issue of MMA fighters being slowly neutered because of groin shots that aren’t being properly protected by the athletic cups.

Now we know why Chuck Liddell can handle groin kicks.

Diamond’s idea was to forgo the elastic strap that is used to hold the plastic cup in place and create a jocky-style short instead instead. According to many who have tested the design in the field, including Rogan himself, the results are quite good.

What the short does is lessen the movement of the cup once its in place. The main problem of the strapped cup is that when a kick hits it at an angle, the cup moves forcefully to the side, racking the testicles while protecting them from direct impact. The jocky short reduces this movement by incorporating the cup within the short itself.

Let’s hope the innovation catches hold and saves MMA fighters’ testes so they can procreate the next generation of fighters for all of us to enjoy seeing battle it out in the cage.

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