Day 5 Introduces Its Cast Of Characters

Last week we brought you news of Rooster Teeth’s upcoming six-part series, Day 5, and today we’re pleased to bring you four video clips that introduce you to a few of the main characters.

In case you need a reminder what this apocalyptic tale is about:

After a fortuitous drug bender saves his life, addict Jake (Jesse C. Boyd) ventures out, unaware that most of the world already died in their beds. Battling sleepless fatigue and encroaching delirium, Jake teams with a scrappy teenager (Walker Satterwhite), an overnight doctor (Stephanie Drapeau), and red-eye pilot (Davi Jay) to search for answers… and just maybe find a way to sleep again. Set in a world of insomniacs, late-shift workers and roving psychotics, Day 5 presents a unique vision of the apocalypse that fuses serial drama and thriller around a human story of survival and redemption.

Day 5 premieres June 19th, at exclusively for subscribers with new episodes premiering each Sunday.

Now, for the introduction to the cast:





Rock Hard \m/

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