Check Out The Melvins’ Roster For Basses Loaded


The Melvins… um, loaded the bases for their latest effort, Basses Loaded. And, no, this isn’t an album about fishing, it’s just a fun title for an album that features an all-star lineup of bass players, such as Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic, Redd Kross’ Steve McDonald, Butthole Surfers’ J.D. Pinkus, Big Business’ Jared Warren, Mr. Bungle/Fantomas’ Trevor Dunn (aka, Melvins Lite), and Melvins’ drummer Dale Crover swapping the drum kit for bass in the Melvins 1983 iteration.

Basses Loaded (June 3rd, Ipecac Recordings), is streaming now via Major League Baseball’s website,

Basses Loaded pre-orders are available now via the Ipecac webstore and Bandcamp. Digital pre-orders include instant downloads of “Hideous Woman” and “War Pussy.”

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