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Blatant Violence High – “More Blood, More Heart” Director Jason Eisener Returns With Another Vigilante Film

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News broke out a few weeks ago when Karim Hussain (Hobo with a Shotgun Cinematographer) told Bleeding Cool that his next film is another vigilante gang buster called Blatant Violence High.

Jason Eisener - Film Influence "The Wonderers"With a title like that, it also doesn’t surprise me that Jason Eisener and Co. is attached to it. During the North American premiere of Hobo with a Shotgun, Jason spoke about his film influences, and one of them being Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, a man with superhuman strength who seeks revenge on the corrupted guards at the prison in which he’s held, I assumed it might be his next project, and I was dead wrong (so as the other media knuckleheads, take that as a compliment). But who knows, it still might something in the pipeline for him in the future. Eitherway, Blatant Violence High promises to bring us more blood, martial arts, and high school brawl violence with themes present from such titles as The Wanderers, River City Ransom (NES), and a 1988 beat ‘em up arcade game called… just guess?… c’mon it’s easy… here you go… Vigilante.

So far, Nick Bateman is cast in the film. He’s known by the ladies for his modeling career with Abercrombie, and for the rest of us he’s known for his portrayal of the psychotic hyperactive nutcase “Ivan” in Hobo with a Shotgun. He’s also a martial artist with some serious ballbusting talent. Look out for him in Blatant Violence High.

With moves like this… Nick Bateman can seriously kick some ass.

In the meantime don’t fuck with anyone who goes by a name like Turkey, or affiliated with a gang, and stay tuned to Yell! Magazine for more news on Blatant Violence High as it starts to take shape. Otherwise, you will need to face this pipe-hitting dude at some point when you got nowhere else to run…

Feel free to voice yourself about Blatant Violence High in the comments section below.


Blatant Violence High Picture

Blatant Violence High (2012) - Directed by Jason Eisener

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