Black Wail Kick Ass On “Thee Ghost”

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The new song from Black Wail is absolutely phenomenal! With a jazz-like intro, raspy vocals, eerie synth (which is only up front for a brief minute), a soothing harmonized midsection with languid pulses from the bass guitar, and a Sabbath like outro guitar solo, “Thee Ghost” capitalizes on everything you want a rock song to be. If you’re feeling for something nostalgic, this song gets you. If you’re feeling for something retro-yet-fresh, this song gets you. If you just want something that rocks with more than one dimension, this song gets you. It’s perfectly timed for here and now.

Head on over to to hear “Thee Ghost.”

Black Wail’s new album, Chromium Homes, will be released on December 15th, via Rhym & Reason Records. The album is available for pre-order here, with an instant download of “Chromium Homes” and “Thee Ghost” being offered with digital pre-orders.

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Black Wail is Ed Charreun (drums), Susan Lutin (bass), Michael Tarlazzi (vocals/guitar), and Bram Teitelman (keyboards).

Rock Hard \m/

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