From Ashes To New Release “Crazy” Video

Well, it’s not as crazy as Motley Crue portrayed themselves on Dr. Feelgood, but “Crazy” from From Ashes to New is a catchy mainstream rock tune that’s good for background music.

motley crue straight jacketsCrue just pulled off this look so much better… now to listen to some Decade of Decadence.

From Ashes to New will release their new album, The Future, on April 20th.

Now, maybe have some “Crazy Crazy Nights”!

…because “Mama, Weer All Crazee Now”

…or just “Goin’ Crazy”

…so let’s go crazy on the “Crazy Train”

Fuck it! I’ll just say it. All these songs are better than any song ever written by From Ashes to New… I don’t even have to hear them.

Rock Hard \m/

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