Amon Amrarth Get Bloody In “At Dawn’s First Light” Video

As the dawn of Amon Amarth‘s North American tour and the release of their 10th studio album, Jomsviking, approaches, the Asgard’s official band has unleashed a new video.

Pre-order Jomsviking here.

Produced by Rafal Szermanowkicz/Grupa 13 and directed by Darek Szermanowicz (Behemoth), “At Dawn’s First Light” is set in an epic battle scene in a Slavic settlement from the 9th-10th century — with the band caught in the middle of the bloody fight! The video features an appearance by the modern Viking warriors known as the Triglav Jomsborg East Storm who are led by the ruthless and energetic fight director Igor Gorewicz.

The video is absolutely kick-ass, and it’s pretty awesome when a guitar gets used as a blunt instrument of battle! And no fan of Amon Amarth should be disappointed by the sound of this track as it has all the traditional elements that the band is famous for… and quite simply, it rocks!

Rock Hard \m/

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