Adopting a Feline on National Cat Day

The National Cat Day helps to raise awareness of the adoption of felines in the United States. The older ones badly needed homes, and various groups are set on rescuing and adopting cats to give them a better life.  

Aside from the awareness of adoption, many pet parents also appreciate how their cats have made them better people. They were more caring and generous because pet owners know that their little ones depend on them. If you’re asking when national cat day is, and the answer is October 29 in countries like the USA. This may be the right time for you to include a feline in your family. 

One silver lining to the pandemic is that many shelters have found out that they could not adopt as many dogs and cats as they had in the past. There’s still hope that many people will see that pets can provide them with companionship, comfort, and an active lifestyle. In celebration of National Cat’s day, it could help if many people can raise more awareness about the feline population and check their local shelters to see if they have one for adoption. 

Other Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Cat 

1. Save Lives with the Adoption 

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, over 6 million domestic cats annually enter shelters. Through adoption rather than purchasing ones from a breeder or retail store, you allow other openings in the facilities, and they can take in one more. You are saving two lives in the process.  

With the felines being excellent therapy animals, you could argue that they are saving a third lives, especially with those owners who are experiencing a lot of stress. Their companionship in these trying times is more than enough for some to survive and find hope. Read more about the joys of owning cats on this site

2. Helps Control the Overpopulation 

History has shown that there are not enough families who are willing to take in newborns each year. With the adoption process, you can have an impact on the overpopulation issue. 

As per the statistics given by the ASPA, over a million shelter animals were needed to be euthanized because there isn’t enough space or food for them. Over 50% of these animals are cats. You can prevent overpopulation and overcrowding in the facilities by taking in at least one of them and giving them a new home. 

3. Encouraging Others to Take in Felines 

When you decide to adopt, you’re essentially showing others how easy the entire process is. When others take the extra effort to give their homes to a pet, they can make a huge difference. Some of your family members may find your kitty comfortable sleeping on the couch, and they want to know where they can get the same adorable furry companion. 

You can tell them about the process, and they might go and find a shelter near them as well. Your friends’ positive experiences and interactions with your kitty may make them want one as well. 

4. Excellent Selections 

You can have great cat selections to pick from, unlike in stores where the price determines the options. You will have a hard time finding another place where you can choose the litter when it comes to cats. It’s highly encouraged to get black and a little older because they will have lesser chances of being adopted. 

5. Will Have Fewer Health Issues 

Most purebred felines have predisposed medical conditions like neurological disorders, hip dysplasia, and heart defects. On the other hand, the mixed breeds will have a lesser chance of inheriting genetic medical issues because their immune systems are more robust.  

When you choose a kitty with good health, you can rest assured that it will live for many years. Mixed lineages will also be least likely to present any medical challenges in their entire lifetimes. More about the hybrids on this page:  

6. These are Well-Cared For 

Most of the animals in the shelters are cared for by volunteers and owners. Some of them may have been neglected when they arrived, but once they settled, they were given the care they deserve. Most of them had vaccinations, behavioral screenings, medicine, and injury treatments to make their conditions a lot better. The professionals running the center are well-trained and experienced in these kinds of things, ensuring that the cat is more than ready to join their new families. 

7. Makes Much Sense Financially 

Adopting rather than buying an expensive breed makes more financial sense. For one, the fees are much lower compared to buying one from a pet store. When you adopt, you can expect the kittens to have all the shots they need, and they were already neutered or spayed. With the ones you’re buying, you have to do all the vaccinations and get treatments for them, which cost a lot. 

8. Known Personalities 

The felines are known to have various personalities. Some are naturally charming and can adapt well with people, while others are loners and may prefer their own space. When you adopt an adult feline, you can know their basic personality and give them space comfortable for them. These are the ones that you don’t have to deal with, especially the “kitten phase,” and there’s no chewing and clawing for the well-behaved ones. 

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