7 Most Famous Canadian Poker Players

Canada has pretty good things, and that has been one of the reasons behind its popularity. It’s a top destination for tourists globally. 

There are also celebrated personalities in various industries coming from the Great White North country. For instance, the poker industry has got great names, and everyone has their list of who they think is an amazing poker player from Canada. 

We had a session with our expert and gamer Conrad Brennan (view profile), who shared a list of the best Canadian poker players of all time. 

Sam Greenwood

Few poker players had a great and memorable moment in 2018. Sam Greenwood is among the few who managed to make much during the year. He has been consistent with his strategy of gaming, and that makes him a player that everyone who is starting in the industry looks up to him. He got more than $4.2 million in that year alone.

That’s not the first time Sam Greenwood was making a good amount for poker gaming. In 2014, he made $92094 in live tournaments. Other amazing winnings by him include $ 1853387 as a result of winning the EPT Monte Carlo Super High Roller and $1227792 for winning the play poker MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona Super high roller. 

He is knowledgeable on navigating through the Canadian casino sites and how to utilize the offers players get there.

Mike Leah

You may think casinos are always after your money, but accessing a no deposit casino bonus can change the story. Mike Leah is one of the poker players that has been consistent in his grinding journey since 2006. You might be surprised to learn that he has more than $7million in earnings from Poker gaming alone.

He also won the world poker tour Falls view poker classic. It was a controversial head up, and that caught many surprised. You’d probably think that those are enough in terms of what he has achieved.

He won a whopping $358531 in the WPT champions cup. Leah is a unique and outstanding player who mixes different buy-ins and variants.

He participated in the 2018 WSOP, where he finished forty in the $50k poker championship. He won $364197.

Gavin Smith

He was born in Ontario, Canada, and has been a live poker gambler who has made his name in the gambling arena. He has participated in poker tournaments and has always been consistent at giving out excellent poker results. He has also won several poker bracelets.

His primary expertise is Hold Em. If you leave out his TV appearance, you will note that his earnings total to about $5300000. His passion for gaming did not start yesterday, as he started playing poker at the age of 26. 

Later he became a poker dealer and also took part in many tournaments. His determination in the world of poker gambling saw him win the World  Poker Tour of $1128,278.

Daniel Negreanu

He’s not only a top Canadian player but also tops the list of the most successful poker players globally in terms of winnings. Those ahead of him include Antonio Esfandiari, who occupies first place with winnings amounting to $25million.

The second place is Sam Trickett’s name, whose winnings sum up to over $18million. His most recent massive victory was in 2003 when he participated in the WSOP Asia Pacific tournament in Melbourne, and won a prize of over $1million.

Sorrel Mizzi

He’s an online and poker player who traces his origin to Toronto and was born in 1986. He is on the record for winning over $2600000 in live poker winnings. In 2007 when he participated in the world poker championships in Belgio, he was placed 15th.

That means that he is one of the Canadian poker players that possess an unmatched gaming record. Today, he has a total of $10,600000 that he acquired just from playing poker. Additionally, he has another $200000, which is his online earnings.

Brian Molony

Molony was born in Toronto and has been aggressive and consistent at poker gaming. He is a live poker and Embezzler Extraordinaire. He is the son of a famous poker player who went rogue.

Michael Watson

He might be unpopular in the poker scenes. However, you will be surprised if you check his bank accounts that speak of enormous figures. Throughout his career, he has been consistent, aggressive and that has seen him amass about $6 million in winnings.

By 2013, he had made it to the world’s final tables, proving many that he is worth mentioning among the best poker players in Canada.

Poker is among the best activities to ever engage in. If you play it like the personalities mentioned above, you will have no regrets. You only have to utilize the right gaming strategies to get the most out of it.

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