Defining the Need of a Compelling Hero in a Sports Film

Tom Hardy is a lead actor who mentioned that the realism level was incredible during the filming of the fight scenes. He tore his right arm ligaments and broke his ribs. The realism executed during the making of sports films can be accomplished by engaging real-life stories. Thirty-one out of the fifty highly ranked movies is either based on real-life or biographical events on IMDb. It is easy to make an event appear real if it occurred. 

Sport is the center of any incredible sports film’s foundation, although there is more to it than that. There has to be an enthralling story and a hero who inspires conviction. Otherwise, sports films would adopt the nature of any highlights reel. Envision a Rocky version where his rough background or difficulties were withheld. It would make Rocky an unparalleled classic an uncommonly less watchable movie. If it is the sport aspect that appeals to you, it is the hero’s history in the film that keeps you captivated. 

At times, this hero can assume the form of a complete team, although it is more likely that they will be a single character in an exceptional sports movie. Twenty-seven of the best films in sports on IMDb concentrate on specific sports instead of those played by a team. It is relatively more comfortable to narrate your life history of a singular person instead of eleven. In the meantime, as a viewer, your concentration would be more rewarding if you developed one protagonist. It would better than investing in a whole team. 

Boxing remains the best sport with a suitable fit for the cinema industry. Unsurprisingly, boxing, the most preferred category of sports, was featured in the best fifty films and played by individuals. Nearly twenty percent of the IMDb top sport films list comprise of boxing movies. On the other hand, films concerning all combat sports such as karate, wrestling, and MMA constitute fourteen of the fifty. Out of the three films in the fifty highly rated IMDb films have scooped Best Picture in the Oscars. 

At the same time, two of these movies that is Million Dollar Baby and Rocky, were centered on boxing. In such movies, boxing is generally depicted as a metaphor. The sport represents the life of the lead character. The uncertainty and violence portrayed in boxing make this sport an ideal match for the silver screen. The fights feel dangerous and are dramatic, as well as enthralling to its audience. They act as a natural climax to the known trial and tribulation story. 

It is the sort of narrative incorporated into nearly every other boxing film. The basic storyline hardly strays far from this and involve the protagonist who is down on their luck. The protagonist is given a chance to fight in a championship. There is always a trainer who drives them to exceed their boundaries. The protagonist then has to overcome some difficulty or injury. With either a loss or win, the film comes to its end after the fight has happened. 

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