MMA Betting- Know the Fighting Styles before You Bet

MMA (Mixed Martial Art) is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. From the 1990s it has attracted the attention of many sports lovers and also allured many bettors to place a stake in this game. Understanding the basic of the game and how to bet is essential to a successful bettor in this sport. MMA is a combat sport which growing in popularity all over the world. Canada is no exception, as the latest numbers show a tremendous increase in MMA online betting. This comes as no surprise if we consider all the elements and techniques included, which simply awes all martial arts and sports fans. A player can use his hands, elbows, legs and knees in this fighting style. Betting on boxing is very much similar to betting in MMA.  

The rules of the sport 

If you understand the elementary rules of the game, then betting on it becomes easy. In this combat sport, duration of rounds is 5 minutes. Most matches end up in the last three rounds; title fights can go up to 5 rounds. The end result is similar to boxing, except for the submission part. A fighter can get knockout, debarred for a technical reason, as decided by the preceding referee or can gain points. A fighter can use various fighting styles and skill to submit his opponent.   A fighter can declare his defeat by tapping on the floor of the ring. To give room to fighters to have fierce combat, the arena of the fight is octagon or cage shape rather than a conventional rectangle ring. The cage usually measures 30 feet transversely and 6ft. High.  

Like boxing MMA fights are segmented into men and women division, spanning several weight categories. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the governing body of this sport and have become identical with the sport. Bellator MMA is another organization relating to this sport. Depending on body weight and mass, the fighters are categorized in the following manner: 

Strawweight; 52.2 kg 

Flyweight: 56.7 kg 

Bantamweight: 61.2 kg 

Featherweight: 65.8 kg 

Lightweight: 70.3 kg 

Welterweight: 77.1 kg 

Middleweight: 83.9 kg 

Light Heavyweight: 93.0 kg 

Heavyweight: 120.2 kg 

Different fighting styles 

In order to bet in both money line and total rounds market, you can register with ufabet, as they provide competitive odds. It is important for you to get acquainted with various fighting styles and strategies adopted by the fighters.  MMA is a mixture of different branches of martial arts like; Kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai, karate, judo, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, capoeira and taekwondo. Understanding potency and limitation of different styles gives you an edge over the house while you place your bet on MMA. A fighter with great stamina and endurance will like to drag the fight till his opponent submit. On the other hand, if a fighter finds his opponent has great striking power; he will like to end the match as quickly as possible. The specific fighting style will also be superior or less suited for others. A fighter with predominant boxing skill may struggle against a challenger who relies on his wrestling skill if the fight becomes prolong.  


Before betting on a specific fighter checks his wins and loss records and also watches his ranking status. As MMA is accepted as a mainstream sport, statistical and strategic records are available in the public domain.  

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