How Mixed Martial Arts Became Popular

Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has grown quickly and emerged as one of the most famous and loved sports that tend to grow every year. UFC and MMA are two diverse sports things but UFC paves the way for MMA to grow and be loved. How is this possible? This is because UFC is a brand, a company, and a business meanwhile MMA is a sport. MMA as a sport has become popular for some of the following reasons: 


In the first days of MMA as a well-structured sport, it wasn’t permissible on pay-per-view. Later the MMA arts leagues commenced bringing together their fighters into weight classes and establish regulations to make the sport more pleasant for the public. With these alternations, MMA started leaving its secretive tours and started becoming conventional. 

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Gambling & Fantasy MMA  

Boxing was once the go-to combat sport for Vegas odds-makers but it seems like MMA has taken over now bringing in its unique action. Placing bets on MMA fights has become increasingly interesting. 

Social Media  

During the first days of MMA as a conventional sport, the Internet was just starting and social media had not yet become quite popular and part of many people’s lives. As of now, athletes from all sports, including MMA use the influence of social media platforms like; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & others to develop stronger bonds with their increasing fan bases. 

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Training Availability  

Finding MMA specialized training gyms used to be difficult but things have become different from the invention of specific gyms which has made things easier for the fighters. 


MMA has always had been cosmopolitan but with the advent of proficient WMMA promotions and the introduction of several weight classes, MMA has opened up its doors to many providing both female and male fighters of all sizes the chance to combat for a living. 

Increased Promotion  

Firms like UFC and Bellator are working tirelessly to get MMA out there for public enjoyment. From a variety of reality shows that display to fighters using aggressive multi-channel marketing campaigns that encourage their Pay Per View (PPV) fights these advancements are marketing machines. 

Sponsorship Deals for Fighters  

Whereas athletes in other sports have sponsorship deals, MMA fighters take it to a different level. From having paid public appearances to work out shirts and the shorts they wear for fights, MMA fighters smugly epitomize brands like no other individual sport and people also have the opportunity of watching the games on weekends which is always engaging and interesting. 


MMA is a quickly transforming and changing sport that will keep pushing its increase in popularity. As the UFC and other advancements cut super interesting deals, it can bring forth many more interested fans to the game in several years to come. MMA is a game people keep growing to love and will remain relevant for a long period. 

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