An Appreciation for Different Fighting Styles Has Altered the Outlook of MMA

Royce Gracie

Over the last few years, the highest level of mixed martial arts has reached new heights through a refined focus on learning new skills and more effective techniques. Following the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s very first event, UFC 1, Royce Gracie, a world-renowned Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, transformed the way the sport as a whole was viewed after using a submission style to secure a first-round victory over Gerard Gordeau, the eight-year holder of the Dutch Kyokushin Karate title. 

As a result, we’re going to take a look at some modern-day fighters in the UFC and consider how they have made their mark on the sport with their unique fighting styles. 

Champions and Fan-Favorite Fighters from Different Backgrounds 

At the time of writing, three of the UFC’s champions are known for their wrestling-heavy style. Henry Cejudo is the men’s flyweight and bantamweight world champion, along with being an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, while Khabib Nurmagomedov and Kamaru Usman, the lightweight and welterweight title-holders, are also high-level wrestlers. Unlike some of the company’s other competitors, Khabib is a two-time Sambo world champion, which is one of the reasons why his style is so refreshing to many fans. Furthermore, the current lightweight world champion boasts an undefeated record, generating a widespread appreciation for his approach to MMA among spectators and fellow fighters. 

Furthermore, while wrestling has become the foundations for many up-and-coming fighters seeking to make it at the very top level, you need a broader skillset to achieve greatness in this era of the sport. Competitors like Donald Cerrone and Jorge Masvidal have become fan favorites due to their all-action style that combines various practices. Throughout his career, and despite predominantly being a kickboxer in earlier years, Cerrone has integrated Jiu-Jitsu into his approach and, as a result, has recorded 17 submission wins on his professional record. 

Variation Has Become Central to Many Contemporary Industries 

Outside of the cage, adaptation regarding style has become pivotal to other sports, including soccer, for example. Manuel Neuer, the current Bayern Munich goalkeeper, is said to have revolutionized the position by creating a sweeper style, which has now become the desired trait among many managers in the modern game. Because of this, other world-class shot-stoppers, including Alisson Becker and Marc-Andre ter Stegen, have raised their profile through what is effectively acting as the last defender in counter-attacking situations. 

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Different Styles Enhance Entertainment Value 

Whether it’s in MMA, poker, or soccer, the emergence and acceptance of new styles have heightened the level of entertainment within many different sectors. As highlighted by competitors such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Donald Cerrone, irrespective of their preferred fighting styles, there is no one practice that is definitively more valuable to MMA, with spectators now embracing the high-level technicalities of different approaches. 

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