Alain Johannes Trio Releases “Luna A Sol” (Feat. Mike Patton)

The Alain Johannes Trio, featuring Johannes (Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age) alongside brothers Felo and Cote Foncea, has released a video for the song “Luna A Sol” (feat. Mike Patton). The single is the first preview of the Trio’s 2019 debut album, which will arrive via Patton’s Ipecac Recordings in 2019, with the release date yet to be announced. Not a heavy metal track, but anything Patton is involved in is required listening, and once you know there are ties to Patton and Queens of the Stone Age, it becomes so obvious as to why the song sounds the way it does.

Alain Johannes Trio

About the video, Alain admitted to being:

very excited to release the video for ‘Luna A Sol,’ which was a collaboration built on passion and love from Juna’s amazing presence and fire and Felo’s direction, concept and editing to the amazingly talented crew and the beautiful theatre we were given to use. It’s performance-based energy really works with the song and underscores my trio’s chemistry and connection.

Johannes, who is well-known for his work with the highly influential ’90s rock band Eleven, as well as his partnership with Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures, previously released a solo album with Ipecac, the 2010 release, Spark. The Foncea brothers came to prominence in their native Chile with their pioneering hip-hop-meets-Latin music outfit, DeKiruza, in the years since they’ve had several solo and joint outings as well as winning numerous awards, including a 2001 MTV Award, for their video work.

About the song, Alain remarked,

‘Luna A Sol’ is a really special song for me. Not only because it’s my first lyric in Spanish but also because of Mike Patton’s amazing vocals on it. And it’s the debut recording of my all Chilean trio with Cote and Felo Foncea. It feels like a rebirth, a recharging of my musical path continuing where Natasha and I left off in Eleven. Returning to my roots in Chile eight years ago has fueled and informed this moment and I’m very excited and honored that Ipecac will bring it to resonant listeners around the world.

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