Trench 11 (2018) Movie Review



Directed byLeo Scherman Written by Leo Scherman, Matt Booi
Starring Rossif Sutherland, Robert Stadlober, Charlie Carrick

Horror | Thriller | War - Release date: 31 August 2018

After a critically lauded festival run and a week-long engagement at various theaters across Canada in early September, Leo Scherman’s (director and co-writer) Trench 11 is also available for you to watch on Digital and VOD services.

Starring Rossif Sutherland, Karine Vanasse, Charlie Carrick, Shaun Benson, Ted Atherton, and Robert Stadlober, Trench 11 starts out promising as it takes us below the surface and into the horrors of German experimentation of World War I. There’s a solid story, there’s the evil Germans, there’s something kind of like zombies, there’s parasitic worms that resemble what we saw in television’s The Strain, and there’s solid acting. Yes, there’s even some very cool looking practical effects mixed in with some reserved CGI. However, the movie failed to engage and it didn’t give the Hollywood finale, which makes sense since it’s not an American movie, and that’s fine.

trench 11 worms

Trench 11 Synopsis:

At the end of WWI, Allied soldiers uncover a secret German base 100 feet underground. But what the Germans are hiding is more gruesome and deadly than anything they could’ve imagined.

So, with all that going for the movie, what went wrong with Trench 11? Well, the American soldiers were made to look bloodthirsty buffoons, the British officers were made to look pompous, and none of the characters were likeable. That, I think is the real problem with the movie; there’s no one whom the audience can root for. I don’t hate the movie, in fact, everything else about it is fine.

The Verdict:

So, if you like zombie-like movies with a wartime backdrop, and you liked the creepy worms in The Strain, and if you like claustrophobic horror with a good dose of practical effects, and you can stand not really liking any of the characters, then see Trench 11.

Rock Hard \m/

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