Early Screening Announced For Mandy Starring Nicolas Cage

Everyone is talking about Mandy these days because it looks like a stunning psychedelic film experience with twist of insanity, which stars Nicolas Cage. Horror hounds got a piece of Mandy during the film festival circuit, but now it’s being targeted for the big screen a bit earlier than expected.

Fortunately, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Regal and RLJE Films will drop an early sneak peek of Mandy for one night in September. Plus an exclusive taped conversation with director Panos Cosmatos and actor Nicolas Cage will also be featured that same evening.

MANDY is a sensory experience filled with incredible visuals, amazing performances, and a soundtrack and sound design that demand to be seen on the largest screen possible with theatrical sound systems that can envelope the viewer in the insanity that unfolds. We are thrilled to be working with so many great partners to bring this unique experience of the film to theatrical audiences across the U.S., and needless to say, this should be a Q&A for the ages!

The advance screenings are set to run for one night only — September 13th, 2018 — in 24 Alamo Drafthouse theaters, 202 Regal theaters, and additional locations across the country.

Tickets are now on sale for the advance screenings on Tickets.MandyMovie.com.

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