Phoenix Rising Release Non-Metal Track, “Do You Know”

What the fuck is this? What the fuck is “neo-metal”? And who the fuck is Phoenix Rising?

The band calls Dallas, Texas, home, and they have a new video for “Do You Know” (which I guess isn’t a question). You can check out the track/video on this page, but there’s no real reason for you to do so — I’ll tell you straight up that it’s bad.

The song is full of horrible trigger drums that have an even worse tone, the vocals, which I think are supposed to sound like Linkin Park (another shit band) are total crap; the rapper sounds like some high school kid in the ‘90s idolizing Vanilla Ice (with equally juvenile rhythms), the clean vocals are clearly autotuned so I’m not sure why they sound flat, and the core vocals sound like the guy is grunting out a meatloaf-sized turd out of his ass. Oh, and the music isn’t any better.


Just how in the hell Phoenix Rising was set to receive the “Best New Artist” and “Best Metal Band” awards at the MXD MAG Rock and Metal Awards 2018 is beyond me. Metal? For fucks sake, Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” was a million times more metal than this (and that’s not a slight on “Dirty Diana,” that’s a great song). To even consider classifying this track as anything remotely metal is ridiculous. Again I ask, what the fuck is “neo-metal”?

Rock Hard \m/

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