Cris Cyborg Thinks Amanda Nunes Could Be Last Fight In The UFC

Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg last fight in the UFC could potentially take place later this year. It all depends on when the promotion books a superfight between her and Amanda Nunes, who currently reigns the bantamweight division.

At the moment, Cyborg is targeting the UFC’s Sept. 8 pay-per-view show for her superfight, but Nunes wants the date to be at the Dec. 29 card in Las Vegas. If it takes place in December, then it could possibly be Cyborg’s last fight since her contract expires in March 2019. A booking in December just wouldn’t allow her enough time to prepare for another exciting bout.

I think this fight will be my last in the UFC, because my contract expires in March and doing this fight in December, I think it will be the last that people will see me fight.

According to Cyborg, the UFC hasn’t built the featherweight division to create contenders to challenge her for the belt, and she isn’t happy about the selection of fighters for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. Apparently, the only fight the UFC wants to make is the superfight with Nunes.

There are girls that can fight, from my division. But they don’t want that, they only want me to fight Amanda. But we have to wait 10 months, almost a year to make this fight happen.

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