Xael Release “Rai (The Demon Of Erring)” Video

Are you ready for sci-fi metal? Then you’re ready for North Carolina’s Xael, a band we introduced to you back in December 2017. The band will release their debut album, The Last Arbiter, on May 18th, and to help usher that in the video for “Srai (The Demon of Erring)” has been unleashed.

Check out the track and video here on Yell! Magazine. However, be prepared for an eclectic mix of genres that Xael manages to blend very nicely, but it may not be everyone.

Nassaru (lead vocalist, guitarist, studio drummer) explains the video’s story:

Srai is poetically seen as a demon, but is a captured ancient entity that has a dismal past with the protagonist being that there is lore that predates this album’s story line. In an attempt to kill the main character, it was captured and bound by technology using a quantum field. It hungers to kill the wayfarer, but being immortal makes that difficult as one can presume. But there is a problem with the wayfarer’s immortality as he suffers from an odd illness poetically called “soul sickness”, where he loses consciousness and it is during this episode that his immortality is suppressed. Srai seizes this moment to sit upon the wayfarer’s chest to steal his last breath. In this song you can see the relationship with “sleep paralysis” and how it ties into the lore.

The Last Arbiter Album Summary:

The sky ghost, the wayfarer, the shadow of time, the exile; he is called by many names yet for the Immortal, he is cursed to traverse the cosmos aimlessly, searching for an unattainable purpose. Chained to him is a beast, a demon from antiquity who the Immortal keeps as a reminder of his past.

Upon the corridors of the Tymeer capitol, the Immortal presents his seemingly profound doctrine called the “Compendium of Ethical Symbiosis,” which outlines a harmonious way of governing and regulating the various civilizations under the ruling regime through casting down warmonger ideologies and laws that degrade the value of its species.

Though momentarily entertained, the ruling council of Tymeer dismisses the wisdom of the wayfarer. Passing through the city gates tired and morally degraded, the Immortal, along with his insidiously chained demon, wanders into the wastelands of Tymeer. It is here that his journey begins.


Album pre-order available on Xael’s official website and TYM’s Bandcamp page.

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