Razorwire Halo Release The Sexually Charged “Sweat”

Whether or not to post the news about this track/video for “Sweat” was a bit of a dilemma. See, the video, while sexy, it is completely cliche (watch and see). The band, well, they look like a hodgepodge, and the track isn’t necessarily breaking new ground. But, listening to the track without the video proved that it is actually pretty damn catchy and has a Nine Inch Nails vibe. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Razorwire Halo will release their EP, Retaliate, on March 27th.

Vocalist Tak Kitara commented on the track:

Sweat is a powerfully rhythmic track that is very sexual by design. It focuses on the pure unrestrained sexual urges between two entities and we felt the video should continue on with that feeling. We wanted to show the entities crossing each other throughout the video without ever being able to interact. As though they were worlds apart but could still sense each other.

Tak and Kenn have a history of working with each other on videos and artwork for RWH releases. They shared the director role on their latest collaboration. Magen Killz signed on to the project to play the lead role early on during the development of the concept.


RWH will begin to tour across the U.S. this spring and summer with their stand out enhanced live show that brings a large, full-scale production to the small stage.

Razorwire Halo Is:

Tak Kitara [vocalist]
Skylar Kitara [bassist]
Darrell Trussell [lead guitarist]
Kyle Potter [rhythm/synth guitarist]
Billy Alexander [drummer]
Drew Greer [visual designer & engineer]

Razorwire Halo Enhanced Live Performances:

05/11 @ @ Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall – St. Joseph, MO
05/12 @ The Outland Bar – Springfield, MO
05/26 @ The Rusty Needle – Hutchinson, KS
06/01 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS
06/03 @ The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX

Rock Hard \m/

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