Jinjer Are Absolutely Thunderous In Concert – Live Review



We had the privilege of seeing Jinjer play their first show in Canada on April 10th, during their first North American tour, and we also had the chance interview them. If there is only one thing to be said, it is “Holy Fuck!”

But, of course there’s more to say, so we won’t leave it at that.

Look for the interview to be posted at a later date.

Formed in 2009, Jinjer hails from the Ukraine, and have released one EP (Inhale, Don’t Breathe – 2013), and two LPs (Cloud Factory – 2014 and King of Everything – 2016). In these past nine years, the band has worked endlessly touring extensively throughout Europe, making top-shelf music videos, recording music/albums that is/are beyond what they should be doing, and, last but not least, forging a brand of heavy metal that is next level shit. The game is changing and Jinjer is among the few leading the charge.

I’ve already told you what I like about the band musically in my review of King of Everything, and I’ve seen the live videos online, but I wasn’t prepared for just how thunderous the delivery was going to be during Jinjer’s live performance. There isn’t a lot of movement from the band on stage (which bassist Eugene Abdiukhanov has said is because of the style of music), except for vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk, who kicks and punches and engages the crowd like a warrior. The band knows their craft and they absolutely shred live, from the riffs to the intricate bass to the percussions and the dive-bombing bass drops, the band was on point. And Tatiana holds nothing back on vocals. I expected her cleans to be great, but I was taken by surprise by just how low she can go with her intense growls; it’s like hell unleashed coming through her vocal delivery.

And whomever is behind the soundboard also deserves a nod, because there wasn’t a single fault to be heard.

I will venture to say that a live performance from Jinjer might actually be better than a studio recording — they’re that good.

Although Jinjer only held the stage for 50 minutes or so, they dominated the night, serving something new to many in attendance, and something much longed for to those who’ve been waiting to see Jinjer come to this continent. Naturally, the majority of the material comes from their latest album, King of Everything, but they opened up with the righteous crowd-pleaser, “Who Is Gonna Be the One,” from Cloud Factory.

At this point in the spring/summer touring season, I can’t recommend seeing Jinjer enough. Get out there and support what might very well be the next great heavy metal band.

Rock Hard \m/

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