Demon House Trailer Revealed

If you thought the synopsis for Demon House in our previous post seemed unbelievable and maybe a little been-there-seen-that, and it still might be, the newly released trailer presents a pretty intense looking film that might just plant a few seeds of fear for later digestion. If you need a refresher as to what Demon House is about, the synopsis is posted below, or you can watch the video on this page.

Demon House Synopsis:

As mass hysteria breaks-out over an alleged demonic possession in an Indiana home, referred to as a “Portal to Hell,” “Ghost Adventures” host and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans buys the house, sight unseen, over the phone. He and his crew then become the next victims of the most documented case of demonic possession in US history…the “house of 200 demons.”

Demon House will hit select theaters and VOD on March 16, 2018, via Freestyle Digital Media.

Written, produced and directed by Zak Bagans, Demon House features Zak Bagans, Father Michael Maginot, Dr. Barry Taff, and Captain Charles Austin. Demon House was produced by Joseph Taglieri and Mike Dorsey, and was co-produced by Jay Wasley.

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