Black Label Society Release “A Love Unreal” Video

Black Label Society isn’t one of my favorite bands, even if they put out some interesting videos, which are some of the best, if not the funniest. Personally, I find the band’s music uninspired and very conventional. Zakk Wylde is a competent guitarist, but he’s at his best when playing for Ozzy, but not so much when he’s trying to sing like the Prince of Darkness.

Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society are guilty of all the above in their new song, “A Love Unreal” from their latest album, Grimmest Hits. Honestly, the acoustic intro is more promising than it the song actually is. Even when it first kicks into electric mode the song sounds alright, but sadly, like most BLS content, it just comes off as generic and formulaic.

While the use of the Grim Reaper isn’t completely original either (we saw the character in at least one other video, Mantar’s “Cross the Cross”), the video is quite entertaining and more engaging than the song itself.

Black Label Society is currently on tour in the United States and takes to Europe in March. For a full list of tour dates, see here. You’ll also find Ozzy Tour Dates at that location.

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