Fire From The Gods Release “Evolve” Video

A quick look at the YouTube comments on Fire From the Gods new video for the track “Evolve” reveals two things: 1. People are digging the track, and 2. The band is being compared to Sevendust and Howard Jones-era Killswitch Engage. Is the latter fair? Probably not, but so is the case.

The track is good, but nothing particularly stands out for me. As far as the video goes, which was directed by lead singer AJ Channer, it’s about the current climate of division in the United States, so I don’t quite understand the need for a big-boobed girl with drinks. If someone cares to explain that, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

At any rate, “Evolve” can be found on Fire From the Gods’ debut album, Narrative Retold. The band is currently on the road with Of Mice & Men, Cane Hill, and Blessthefall. For a full list of dates, click here.


About Fire From the Gods:

Speaking from a platform cast in heavy metal power, hip-hop consciousness, and even a little reggae spirit, the Austin, Texas quintet—AJ Channer (vocals), Jameson Teat (guitar), Drew Walker (guitar), Bonner Baker (bass), and Richard Wicander (drums)—urge for change through conveying a story that’s both personal and universal.

That story stems directly from AJ’s life. Born in the Bronx to a single mother of Jamaican descent, he spent his childhood moving between London, New York City, Los Angeles, Norfolk, and even Ghana where he attended middle school. Drawing from this diverse experience, he speaks with unmitigated honesty about the state of the world.

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