Lethal Injektion “No Turning Back”

I’m not a huge fan of Tucson, Arizona’s Nu Metal band Lethal Injektion, mostly because I’m not a fan of Nu Metal, but I do like the positive message in the band’s new track/video release, “No Turning Back.” Vocalist Jonathan Russell voiced what the song is about:

’No Turning Back’ is about fighting for your dreams no matter what and against all odds, until you get to the point of no return! There IS No Turning Back.

So, I think if you have a dream, or if you’re feeling like you’re in a low place, a song like “No Turning Back” can be uplifting, a spiritual motivator if you will. Check it, and feel good about your ambitions.

“No Turning Back” can be found on the band’s September 2017 release, Judgment Night.

Rock Hard \m/

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