Vantablack Warship Shreds Poetic About Women’s MMA On “Blood On The Mat”

Vantablack Warship has released the lyric video for the track absolute shredding “Blood on the Mat.” The track is more than just a song about women’s MMA, a female fighter also wrote the lyrics from a female perspective.

Vantablack Warship said about “Blood on the Mat”:

The lyrics to Vantablack Warship’s ‘Blood on the Mat’ where written by a woman who wishes to remain anonymous. They are purposefully graphic to invite the reader to reflect on why we choose to live in a society where people pay to watch women inflict pain on each other for the profit of others. This in turn continues to normalize violence. Vantablack Warship strictly condemns all forms of violence against and amongst women.

I’m a little confused by the band’s statement; is the song a celebration or condemnation of women fighters? Either way, it’s a hell of a track!

Rock Hard \m/

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